Pick a plan for your team


The basics for every team
Public repls only
Up to 10 users
Internal discussion board
500MB of storage per repl
500MB of memory per repl
0.2 - 0.5 vCPUs per repl
$0/ month
up to 10 users


Privacy and assignments for your classes
Private repls
One class = one Team
Assignments & annotations
Group projects
Privacy compliant
10GB of storage
1GB of memory per repl
1 vCPU per repl
* Annual discount: 2 free months.
$35 / month
unlimited students


Privacy, storage, and reliability for businesses
Private repls
Internal discussion board
User management
Team templates
Always on repls
2GB of memory per repl
2 vCPUs per repl
*Annual discount: 2 free months
$10per user / month
unlimited users
Learn more about the Teams for Education pricing/privacy and legacy Classroom support here.