Pick a plan for your team


The basics for every team (for small groups, not teachers or businesses)
Public repls only
Up to 10 users
Internal discussion board
500MB of storage per repl
500MB of memory per repl
0.2 - 0.5 vCPUs per repl
$0/ month


Privacy and projects for your classes
Private repls
One class = one Team
Projects & annotations
Group projects
Privacy compliant
10GB of storage
1GB of memory per repl
1 vCPU per repl
* Annual discount: 2 free months.
$35 / class / month


Privacy, storage, and reliability for businesses
Private repls
Internal discussion board
User management
Team templates
Always on repls
2GB of memory per repl
2 vCPUs per repl
*Annual discount: 2 free months
$10/ user / month
Learn more about the Teams for Education pricing/privacy and legacy Classroom support here.