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lilykhan (89)
Portfolio Site Template
#### This is a simple portfolio website template that I made for template jam. You can use it and make it yours by changing things and colors...
PYer (3225)
🌙 Dark Theme - Template
Here's a template I spent a lot of time on, for a great dark theme! It uses most semantic elements to structure the page, and also has a lot of built-...
CodingCactus (2435)
HTML, CSS Encyclopedia/Fact sheet/Website Template
### Here is a template for an encyclopedia/anything. *** It is based off my [Cactapedia]( and is v...
real time updating text
this is a very simple program that will update the html on the website in real-time as you type it. you could use it as a template for an effect on a...
PowerCoder (547)
👌🎮 Platformer video game template 🎮👌
This template will give you the simple yet important starting point for a platformer game. It will include smooth physics, movement, and a collision d...
MatthewMungai1 (31)
Login Template!
Here's a template for login pages! Includes a forgot password page, but the reset link email doesn't get sent. Also, the login isn't functional, so yo...
AdCharity (1287)
Space/Repl Themed Landing Page
### EPIC SPACE THEMED LANDING PAGE I noticed I only had two templates, so I managed to squeeze in one last one. Inspired by and some random sp...
ironblockhd (69)
Easy writing animated text
I've made a script that animates writing text for a 404 page on a certain new repl im working on, i thought that maybe someone else has interest in us...
AdCharity (1287)
Voice Assistant Template
### Simple Voice Assistant Includes: - ok design with animations - easy adding commands - credit.js (add github/twitter easily to any page) - piss peo...
AdCharity (1287)
Serverless Repl Auth
## This project is in no form endorsed or created by I am not responsible for any: leaks of data, misuse of data, etc. If it doesn't fit or d...
MrEconomical (2195)
Simple HTML Canvas Template
# JavaScript Canvas Rendering Simple template for HTML canvases and the javascript needed to interact with them. Built around a tick-based system and...
Coder100 (2747)
Materialize Template
# **MATERIALIZE TEMPLATE** Materialize is Google's official UI design. Google looks good, but Google is hard to implement. ## About Materialize websit...
SpicedSpices (131)
A Neural Network that uses TensorFlow.JS
This is a neural network that takes training data, trains and modifies the way it manipulates data bases on that data, and will output some certain va...
CodingCactus (2435)
Tutorial/docs Website Template
Everything is explained in the in the repl, but ill copy it here anyway lol If there is something which isn't explained, then please tell me...
Viper2211 (54)
A Calculator Template!
# What is it? Well, it's my post for template jam. # How does it work? The calculator works with a display, which has a value of a string. To call th...
Vandesm14 (2236)
p5js Starter
I'm surprised that I've never seen nor have been able to search for a good p5 starter template. This is meant to be a quick template for creating p5js...
VulcanWM (1709)
A template for a website
Hello people. If anyone is interested with making a website on HTML, here is the template.
MrEconomical (2195)
Simple HTML Metadata Template
# HTML Metadata Starter Often it is annoying to need to include all the metadata in your html for each html file you create, which is why I created t...
RohilPatel (788)
Google Sign In Application Starter
Well, I'm sure you guys liked my tutorial on this, but some of you were hesitant to do this. All you need to do is fork this repl and leave the descri...
Codemonkey51 (732)
A simple website template
This is a template based on [my website]( that has ifames text blocks and account list blocks (areas that you can put in any...
SpicedSpices (131)
HTML Canvas and Javascript Game Template
A template for anyone who wants to make a game using the HTML canvas in Javascript. It has an fps, gamespeed, keydown and keyup event listeners, a pl...
KobeFF (376)
Clicker Game Template
In this repl, I created a clicker game template. Its example right now is pretty corny (As you're collecting 'Happiness'), but you can change it to co...
sojs (198)
A template for creating a bunch of timers.
Most of the code is pretty self-explanatory. You can edit the dates, or the time it takes in the javascript code. ** Have fun, remember to comment b...
RossJames (271)
Countdown timer
Set the date in the format provided, and replace the background. That's it! Good luck!
yeetuscleetus (32)
"About Me" template
I've created an HTML template that allows you(or someone else) to create an "about me" page. I *would* recommend using this for work or academic-relat...
SixBeeps (2289)
CanvasGame.js, a framework for building games in pure JS
## Philosophy I like making games using programming languages in as pure of a form as I can. Sure, you could make something using something like Unity...
KobeFF (376)
Profile & "About Me" Template
Much like [this]( template, This HTML template is for a online profile for This temp...
olivierooms (1)
mijn website
Dit heb ik zelf gemaakt ik weet niet of het goed is.
Codemonkey51 (732)
A simple website template #2
Like my [other post]( this is **another** website template. Although this one is a lot...
SilentShadowBla (538)
Basic Website Template
This is just a basic website with links, buttons and a top navigation bar. You need basic HTML knowledge - replace '#link' with desired link (href are...