DartZII (991)
Simple discord.py bot template!
So I was browsing around the templates when I noticed the lack of a simple discord.py bot template so here I give you: ## Darts discord.py bot starte...
CoolCoderSJ (283)
A Page to show on deleted sites
## What happens when you delete a repl? Kinda ~~not~~ surprising, but the repl is never deleted. In fact, you can revive it [here](https://repl.it/~/...
32-Bit Operating System Template
# OS Template OS Development is a very interesting topic. I personally love OSDev, and I think you will too! I made this template of a 32-Bit operatin...
EpicGamer007 (1216)
Expressjs + ejs template
Have a new express project with ejs? Then this is the template for you! This hosts all scripts inside the scripts folder at `/scripts/:script` and al...
RayhanADev (1215)
Repl.it Talk GraphQL/API Template
# **NodeJS GraphQL Template** #### *By: RayhanADev* This is a simple NodeJS Template to use Repl.it's API/GraphQL to get information about a user! #...
StopBanningMe (5)
Song Creation Template
# Simple With the template provided, it's as easy as pasting the lyrics in with no coding! # Efficient This gets the job done, and doesn't take any co...
bedolpab000 (6)
JavaScript Password Generator
Here's a small program i made with JavaScript that generates definite passwords *not random*. ___________________________________________ How to use...
lilykhan (285)
Portfolio Site Template
#### This is a simple portfolio website template that I made for Repl.it template jam. You can use it and make it yours by changing things and colors...
programmeruser (385)
FLTK (C++ GUI library) Template
After several months I've finally gotten a GUI library to work on repl.it. The library that is used in the repl below is [FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit)](h...
AnthonyMouse (59)
Server Starter
Here’s a template in NodeJS to help you get started in web dev with back-end!
matthewproskils (448)
Portfolio Template
This was actually going to be my portfolio, probably still would be, but you guys are free to use it (i know people spend way too much time making por...
KunalHedaoo (19)
box background animation
this code is for the background animation in the webpage and make it look awesome😎......
Snickdx (2)
Materialize CSS Template
# Materialize CSS Template A HTML boilerplate tempalte with [Materialze CSS](https://materializecss.com/) ![materialize.snickdx.repl.co_index.html](...
PYer (3575)
🌙 Dark Theme - Template
Here's a template I spent a lot of time on, for a great dark theme! It uses most semantic elements to structure the page, and also has a lot of built-...
YodaCode (76)
Quickstart Webserver
A way to get a web server up and running, quickly. It includes a static hosting folder, a bash file for importing modules, and a node.js file for opti...
CodingCactus (3203)
HTML, CSS Encyclopedia/Fact sheet/Website Template
### Here is a template for an encyclopedia/anything. *** It is based off my [Cactapedia](https://cactapedia.codingcactus.repl.co/index.html) and is v...
AmazingMech2418 (991)
Programming Language Template
# Programming Language Template Have you ever wanted to create your own programming language in Node.JS? If so, this template is right for you! Using...
ObiVibKenobi (159)
Advanced Discord.JS Bot Template
# DiscordJS bot template ### Only recommended for if you have experience in both DiscordJS and NodeJS ### If you have proficiency in NodeJS but not Di...
ChezCoder (1582)
Make your own console
# HIIII Ok, so, ive been seeing a lot of custom languages these days on repl and have decided to help people make custom intereters (consoles)! Chang...
RayhanADev (1215)
Browser JS Repl
Want to make a project in a language that Repl.it discontinued! Look no further: # This is a Browser JS Repl You really can’t do much with a Browser...
amasad (3048)
The fastest React.js Starter Template in the world
If you've ever used React.js on Repl.it you probably know how painful it is -- it is slow to start up and the filewatching-updating cycle makes it bug...
PeacefulPotato (5)
COW Emulator
Now you can program in the #1 programming language for bovines! To use this, go to "main.cow" and type your code there. Emulator file was taken from...
Code1Tech (90)
Mub v2.1.0, the language made with python.
Mub is a programming language made with python. It is like basic Java or Javascript. If you prefer easy languages, you can do `add easymub;`. Go ahead...
PowerCoder (711)
👌🎮 Platformer video game template 🎮👌
This template will give you the simple yet important starting point for a platformer game. It will include smooth physics, movement, and a collision d...
RayhanADev (1215)
📋 1 File Website w/ Server Template 📋
Ever feel like doing something pretty crazy, yet fun? I suggest making a 1 File Website! Pretty easy, make a fork of the template, change the text in...
elipie (323)
Python Lexer/Parser Template!
So for three months I have been working on a language called Amethyst. It is in python, and so far I am stuck. I would like to see what other people c...
CodeSalvageON (596)
Social Media Template
A Primitive example of a social media website.
LizFoster (644)
Pixel Art Builder!!
Here is my submission! This takes a url to an image, and makes the turtle draw it! To use it, use [this program](https://repl.it/@LizFoster/TEMP). Co...
MatthewMungai1 (37)
Login Template!
Here's a template for login pages! Includes a forgot password page, but the reset link email doesn't get sent. Also, the login isn't functional, so yo...
RayhanADev (1215)
Notepad HTML Template!
# THANKS FOR 100 CYCLES I’ve been a member of Repl Talk for three days now and I’m already at 100 Cycles! Thank you everyone! To celebrate I’m postin...