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99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall - C++ Version
AnthonyMouse (56)

99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall

C++ Version

I have recreated (with the collaboration of the Codecademy For Loop Course ) the 99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall, with coding! Feel free to fork and edit, and don't forget to share your newly forked project with everyone else!

AnthonyMouse (56)

I'm not very talented, I just started, so that means a lot! Thanks for the feedback, @coderash!

coderash (285)

No problem, am i wrong or isn't pressing run and seeing code work is the most satisfying [email protected]

AnthonyMouse (56)

An afternote

And if you really don't feel like coding and want to have fun, you can go to the link below and sing with whoever for some good, fun times!