UnluckyFroggy (697)
Free Customizable Discord Bot!
Hey guys! Have you ever wanted to make a Discord bot but it was too hard or you looked all over the internet and they just errored out or didn't work?...
JBloves27 (1511)
# A FULLY FUNCTIONAL PYTHON TEXT EDITOR! ##### A template. ## Intro #### So this was originally a share, but I edited it a bit to make it a template!...
srivanth0 (1)
Attendence checker
He hi myself srivanth and I am 11 years old and I have created an attendence checker.
UnluckyFroggy (697)
Free Proxy Template
Here is a free template this amazing unblocked proxy. Search anything on the web privately! Make sure to upvote if you enjoy this project! (Doesn't wo...
JBloves27 (1511)
Python Chatting Template!
# A ~~fully functional~~ Python Chatting Template! ##### Made by @JBYT27 (me) ## About #### I made this for others who have wanted to code a chatting...
UnluckyFroggy (697)
Cool website to test your Webcam.
Cool website to test your Webcam.
qerewrad (14)
nitro generator by: me
simple nitro generator for discord this is my python nitro generator please upvote this post <3 [profile](https://repl.it/@qerewrad)
SilvermoonCat (368)
Website Template
# Website template you can use this for yourself! Just fill in the names (and I would love to help you if you need it). ## Styles The main themes are...
32-Bit Operating System Template
# OS Template OS Development is a very interesting topic. I personally love OSDev, and I think you will too! I made this template of a 32-Bit operatin...
UnluckyFroggy (697)
Free Minecraft Server Template!
Here is a free Minecraft server template that you can run online for free! Your not going to see this very often (maybe never) so here it is. All you...
Zavexeon (1178)
Advanced Discord.js Bot Template (With database and extensions!)
## Advanced Modular Discord.js Bot Tempate ### Introduction So for a while now I've been working on a bot named Lilac2. I built I really in depth base...
RayhanADev (1391)
Repl.it Talk GraphQL/API Template
# **NodeJS GraphQL Template** #### *By: RayhanADev* This is a simple NodeJS Template to use Repl.it's API/GraphQL to get information about a user! #...
Dart (1121)
Simple discord.py bot template!
So I was browsing around the templates when I noticed the lack of a simple discord.py bot template so here I give you: ## Darts discord.py bot starte...
lilykhan (598)
Portfolio Site Template
#### This is a simple portfolio website template that I made for Repl.it template jam. You can use it and make it yours by changing things and colors...
IntellectualGuy (314)
War Game Template
Hi this is a small war game template that I made using python. I hope you use it when you make your next game. # Enjoy
StopBanningMe (5)
Song Creation Template
# Simple With the template provided, it's as easy as pasting the lyrics in with no coding! # Efficient This gets the job done, and doesn't take any co...
Kudos (104)
OCaml template
OCaml support for repl.it with syntax highlighting!
LeviathanCoding (23)
Hey ya Flask Dudes! Here's a Flask Account/Login template!
The Flask Login template comes with a database, a login, signup, and even a basic user profile page. You can create a ton of accounts, log in and out...
PYer (3641)
🌙 Dark Theme - Template
Here's a template I spent a lot of time on, for a great dark theme! It uses most semantic elements to structure the page, and also has a lot of built-...
JonathanChayna (15)
BMI calculator
Enter your weight and height and know if you are underweight, overweight or healthy.
KunalHedaoo (21)
box background animation
this code is for the background animation in the webpage and make it look awesome😎......
AnthonyMouse (78)
Server Starter
Here’s a template in NodeJS to help you get started in web dev with back-end!
Kudos (104)
Nodejs 14!
Here's a template for those who want to use Nodejs 14!
CodingCactus (4089)
HTML, CSS Encyclopedia/Fact sheet/Website Template
### Here is a template for an encyclopedia/anything. *** It is based off my [Cactapedia](https://cactapedia.codingcactus.repl.co/index.html) and is v...
matthewproskils (459)
Portfolio Template
This was actually going to be my portfolio, probably still would be, but you guys are free to use it (i know people spend way too much time making por...
baby yoda hotel
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AmazingMech2418 (1014)
Programming Language Template
# Programming Language Template Have you ever wanted to create your own programming language in Node.JS? If so, this template is right for you! Using...
ChezCoder (1594)
Make your own console
# HIIII Ok, so, ive been seeing a lot of custom languages these days on repl and have decided to help people make custom intereters (consoles)! Chang...
aa2252920 (3)
Kahoot flood template
This is a flood kahoot its ezy to controol i flood my class when we had kahoot school with this ;)
YodaCode (81)
Quickstart Webserver
A way to get a web server up and running, quickly. It includes a static hosting folder, a bash file for importing modules, and a node.js file for opti...