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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
CatR3kd (65)
Clicker Test Game (For upcoming project)
# Small Clicker Game! Hey guys! Hope you like my little game! What should I add? Is anything broken? What would make it more fun? *P.S. I suck at nod...
ZDev1 (505)
A Markdown editor!
# Hello! I made a new Markdown Editor I used: * marked.js * jQuery I made a markdown blog with a database before some months, go check it out! If y...
JDOG787 (231)
Patatap Clone 🎶🎵
# Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. ~~Today~~ The last couple of days Ive been making this. It is a patatap clone! if you don't know what pat...
Coder100 (6767)
[ CHALLENGE ] Flappy Bird
# Flappy Bird Challenge Can you make a flappy bird game in **10 minutes**? ## About I created this in VSCODE in 10 minutes (9:46)! I polished it up l...
ch1cken (22)
Windoge 10
Windows? Nawh. Windoge? Wow! Windoge 10! Super wow! This is a re-make of Windows 10. Made entirely with javascript & Woof.js. # USE IN NEW TAB & FULL...
rjlevy (316)
🚀 [GAME] Play SOLITAIRE!!! another awesome game! 🚀
This game is so addictive - it tests your speed, logic and skill - it’s a race against time…. I built this from scratch in 10 days using vanilla JS a...
adsarebbbad (110)
terrain generator (Processing)
its just a terrain generator. but a satisfying one. **_OPEN IN NEW TAB_**. and its slow because is slow
RyanGardiner1 (1)
Space Clicker (Orignial)
I made a clicker game where u click the button and u get points. Post your highscore in the comments, then i'll add u in
Coder100 (6767)
[ GAME ] Switcheroo
# Switcheroo Switcheroo is a new puzzle game I made in VScode!! It's also my first game post in a long time... ## About I made this game using nothin...
fuzzyastrocat (276)
[GAME] Shot in the Dark — A fun puzzle game with a warm glow aesthetic! 🔥
*Adventure through dimly lit passages with only a few glowing torches to help guide you on your way. Encounter shifting walls, tricky puzzles, and my...
rjlevy (316)
🔥 [GAME] Play this Awesome Sliders Game!! 🔥
Hey everyone! This Sliders brain-teaser game took me a week to code from scratch using only vanilla JS and CSS. It's really simple and fun to play - j...
potatojs (768)
🎉 3d fire works to celebrate 500 cycles yey!! 🎉
thank u vm for everyone that voted commented in my repls :) in 150 i made 2d fire works in 500!!i made 3d fire works in 1000 ....??? move using ur mou...
3941driB (32)
Dev-Friendly Image Editor
I'm happy to annouce that I'm finally done with the first version of dimg, my dev-friendly image editor. I started it as a pixel art maker because not...
DynamicSquid (3245)
🖼 Image Revealer!! 🖼
Hey everyone! I got this cool image revealer thing for you guys. I got the idea after seeing some similar works on OpenProcessing. There's a black sc...
MatthewX (138)
[GAME][NEW]Puzzle Solver (Must Play!)
Hi,this is a puzzle solver game made by me where you use your brain to solve some puzzles. I will do my best to try to add more and more puzzles to th...
SixBeeps (2897)
👉 Your Choice Matters
For my "English" class this semester, we had to ask one of those seminar questions the teachers like so much. We also had to answer that question in o...
CodeSalvageON (560)
About Me Page I made for a school project
github: >be me >want to complete school assignment early >create website >decide windows 98 style >finish it
Coder100 (6767)
[ Game ] F.I.N.G.E.R. GANG
# F.I.N.G.E.R. POLICE You are the repairman of **TOUCHPAD PRISON** and you must keep the inmates from escaping! These inmates are CRITICAL to Mouselan...
PYer (3404)
Terrain/Land Generation Algorithms with Map
Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've opened up and done some coding. (I took a break over the summer, my latest post being HyperTyper) S...
DynamicSquid (3245)
Pixel Art Creator!
Hey guys! I made a pixel art creator! It allows you to create *stunning* pixel art! How stunning? Well I drew @amasad ![Screenshot (124)](https://sto...
lilpeen (7)
Minecraft in JavaScript
# Minecraft in JavaScript I was going to keep working on it but there were no more major optimizations I could make to reduce the lag. **Controls**:...
Lethdev2019 (145)
PIE - Prism integrated editor
Views: ![loading..]( # About PIE **Edit: Who wants us to add HTML, CSS and JS support next as...
MeghanaG1 (25)
Developers: @DeepiRdy and @MeghanaG1 a wellness website that helps users kalm down
Coder100 (6767)
[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
# The Anti-Social Mouse Hello!! As you may know, I got a new computer!! So, here's a little game I finished on it. ## Backstory You are a mouse in Mo...
Coder100 (6767)
World's HARDEST game
# World's Hardest Game This is a pretty hard game if I say so myself. My high score is `1`! Can you beat me? ## Play Use your mouse to move the paddl...
DynamicSquid (3245)
The Wild West
#### The Wild West I feel like @Highwayman would be pretty good at this for some reason... Anyway, here's my new game, The Wild West! Warning: it's...
lphi71086 (18)
I just made a neat website in HTML 5 showing some of the cool features you can do.
developer1001 (24)
SIMP! The language
# SIMP ## Intro Simp is a simple layer on top of python (considered a language on its own by some). It is easy to understand and write: its small keyw...
potatojs (768)
the best game in the planet!
# how to play? just dodge red shots and collect bonuses! the value of each bonus is based on it's size the bigger it is the more it gives you! # cred...
Scoder12 (713)
🔥Minecraft Server on!🔥
# How to run a minecraft server on Hey guys today I'm going to show you how to run a minecraft server on #### Note: You need hacker...