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Snowytrack (192)


This was coded a long time ago, about like 2-3 months ago, when I first learned Python. My programming skills have gotten better, just a note.

Welcome to....


Ok, no need to be too over-dramatic here.

However, it does have a lot of features, and it is generally fun to play!

(Also, I want to get into some visual games next, so if anyone in the community is interested in helping me out, please contact me!)

So what is the game about? 🤔🤔

Well, it has many interesting features, such as:

  • Different points and perks

  • Interesting scenarios

  • And more!

Enjoy! 🤗🤗

Hey you! Yes you! The person who is reading this right now! If you enjoy my programs, then consider upvoting; its free, it takes like two seconds, and it does help me out a lot. Thanks! 😀😀

Side Note: If this repl hits about 10 upvotes, I will add new content to the game. So make sure to upvote :P

LingWu1 (33)

There's something wrong with your game.You should edit the Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 184, in <module>
thePlayerChoice4 = int(input("Enter what you are going to do: "))
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '' Part

Snowytrack (192)

@LingWu1 Yea for the input, did you enter "enter"? If so, it isn't a bug. It's intentional. You have to enter the pre-selected input values in.

LTI2 (113)

@Snowytrack random comment since we collabing we need time what timezone do you in and code at time

DJWang (1246)

Heyyy, this is a bit like my dark dark forest game. Good work! (Upvoted!)

Snowytrack (192)

@DJWang Thanks for the feedback! Your dark dark forest game is epic btw I enjoyed it very much!

DJWang (1246)

@Snowytrack Thanks! You did an awesome job too!

chloeyf2020 (0)

it doesn't even work??
i typed something it said error...

Maverickdev55 (0)

yeeyeejuice is religious

Whacko (263)

Can't stop playing!

Snowytrack (192)

@KeenanBusch if you don't like my game, you can always leave. Nobody wants you here, you little shit. I've had a long day and I'm not going to deal with your motherfucking hating. Fuck off

KeenanBusch (6)

Well, I’m sorry dude. Now I know that I can’t express my opinion on anything. Good job at cussing me out @Snowytrack.

Snowytrack (192)

@KeenanBusch Why don't you go take your opinion somewhere else? You didn't even give me any feedback or anything, you just made fun of my game. What a clown we have here. I have some advice for you, dumbass. If you want to express your opinion, do it with some grace and respect, or even put actually helpful criticism. What you did was being a fucking jerk, so why don't you actually learn what being helpful is. Go fuck off dumbass.

KeenanBusch (6)

@Snowytrack Well I’m sorry for how rude I was on commenting on your game. Yes, it was interesting, but to me, it was kind of boring. Is that good enough?

Vandesm14 (2438)

@Snowytrack @KeenanBusch Please do not use profane/offensive language on

KeenanBusch (6)

@Vandesm14 I didn’t mean to and if I did, I deleted them and no @Snowytrack, I’m not sucking up to anyone.

codeninja135 (2)

is it ok if I use some of the functions you used and put it in my game? its kinda like this too, except with 3 others

Snowytrack (192)

@codeninja135 yea that's ok! Just make sure to put @Snowytrack when you actually put the code. Thanks!

Snowytrack (192)

@JavaMaster1 you pressed enter, and since the program is only going to look at ints, it gives a bug

Whacko (263)

@Snowytrack You should make it choose a random option if your answer is not valid.

Snowytrack (192)

@JavaMaster1 Yeah, but wouldn’t that ruin the whole point of the game by making it random? Also, the reason why I made it so that it bugs whenever you make a mistake is to educate the player that actions have consequences, like a story choosing game.

Whacko (263)

@Snowytrack No, if the option is one that doesn't exist, like let's say I put in hdjfh and press enter, then it would say this:

Sorry, that's not an option, so we chose a random option.
You did (random option)

I mean, it would be better than this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 307, in <module>
    thePlayerChoice6 = int(input("Enter what you are going to do:"))
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'd'

Connection closed abruptly
munawar1 (0)

I am wondering why you are importing time then in the next line you import sleep from time ???

kaprolekdawidek (1)

Attack the priest MmmmMMMmmm

cheesewiddaman (5)

lol i love this game

CarlosGarcia45 (0)

You need a "if answer not in answers: ask_again()"
I tried to answer something other than "1,2,3" and it returned an error



Snowytrack (192)

@Bigbodyboy21 aight that sounds good. Thx bro for the help

Bigbodyboy21 (23)

@Snowytrack also I started the choose your own adventure in our tema

Bigbodyboy21 (23)

@Snowytrack so go to it and help me out it's in python

Bigbodyboy21 (23)

@Snowytrack are you gonna join the repl?

LTI2 (113)

Hi i'm making a project, want to collab?

Bigbodyboy21 (23)

@Snowytrack join my team so you can learn html and css

HackNetAyush (0)

Not Bad......Nice.....Gr8.......Keep Going.....!

gio735 (4)

btw my dude, u missed an edge error too, u can keep playing if u get negative numbers instead of 0 C: u should use if religiousPoints <= 0

gio735 (4)

u should think about errors, like if u put invalid number, string or basically nothing. there should not be 3 path which only profit 1 thing and harm 2. there should be good, bad and worst answer for example so player have some fun thinking what to do.

Muffinlavania (1393)

Cool Project! Another thing, if you want i could teach you a thing or two about python :D. There are some tricks to shorten your code and make it coooooool

Muffinlavania (1393)

@Snowytrack if you would like, i could teach you some python! I can in about an hour, at that time i will share you into a project

Snowytrack (192)

@Muffinlavania yea that sounds great! I would really like to learn more complicated Python, as what I am doing now is intermediate level stuff. Thanks so much!

Muffinlavania (1393)

@Snowytrack i have t admit, the complicated part of python would have to be flask and things like that. And that is kinda weird...... so im going to teach you the real stuffffffffff

slickassassin03 (87)

Everyone is talking about how you shouldn't bring God into something, but I don't see the point of complaining. No issue with bringing it in if you aren't pushing your own beliefs onto people.

Bookie0 (4607)

I thought my house was burning down lol

anddd uh again?

again as well?

and again for the others...?

tankerguy1917 (88)

i like the different options, religious scientific and brutal. oh the brutality

Bigbodyboy21 (23)

@Snowytrack you have more than 10 upvotes, so update it

Yashmit (0)

I don't really like this, it keeps repeating one thing over and over.

Snowytrack (192)

@Yashmit Yea, but remember, this program was made a long time ago, and I just reposted it. That means that my programming skills were pretty low.

Bigbodyboy21 (23)

@Snowytrack what is the most points you can get?