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rock paper scissors but it actually feels nice to play??
potnoodle (6)

I was bored so I made a player vs computer rock paper scissors game, but tried to make it look as clean as possible and give it nice usable controls while still being ran entirely in the console. There's also a nice 'animation' for the computer's turn.

I've been coding for a few months now so I hope the code isn't too messy.

I hope you have fun!

johnnyfrancis (5)

cool! But it lags for me.

potnoodle (6)

@johnnyfrancis oh I'm sorry about that, I'll try to optimize the code as much as possible.
Is there a certain part of the code that lags or just all of it?

Also in case you meant the short pause that occurs sometimes, that was done on purpose, if those pauses feel unnatural, it'd be a huge help if you could suggest a better length for the pauses.

Leroy01010 (200)

cooooolllll! thats good