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just a new game
TheGameCreator (6)

Recently, I made a new project called "house cleaning simulator". There's not much to say about it though, but for a fact this WAS coded using Python 3 Python 2.7, but don't raid me in the comments saying Python 2 is outdated ;) If you want to play the game, scroll down and it's there. Feel free to post any ideas in the comments below!

Coder100 (11052)

you are behind the times! There are so many newer features now!!

Oh well, people still use like C++4


good job

TsunamiOrSumth (341)

@Coder100 i use c++ only because i suck at everything else 😎

TsunamiOrSumth (341)

@Coder100 my programming skills are summed up in 3 words.
damn i wish.