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Snowytrack (192)


This was coded a long time ago, about like 2-3 months ago, when I first learned Python. My programming skills have gotten better, just a note.

Welcome to....


Ok, no need to be too over-dramatic here.

However, it does have a lot of features, and it is generally fun to play!

(Also, I want to get into some visual games next, so if anyone in the community is interested in helping me out, please contact me!)

So what is the game about? 🤔🤔

Well, it has many interesting features, such as:

  • Different points and perks

  • Interesting scenarios

  • And more!

Enjoy! 🤗🤗

Hey you! Yes you! The person who is reading this right now! If you enjoy my programs, then consider upvoting; its free, it takes like two seconds, and it does help me out a lot. Thanks! 😀😀

Side Note: If this repl hits about 10 upvotes, I will add new content to the game. So make sure to upvote :P

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Snowytrack (192)

@KeenanBusch if you don't like my game, you can always leave. Nobody wants you here, you little shit. I've had a long day and I'm not going to deal with your motherfucking hating. Fuck off

KeenanBusch (6)

Well, I’m sorry dude. Now I know that I can’t express my opinion on anything. Good job at cussing me out @Snowytrack.

Snowytrack (192)

@KeenanBusch Why don't you go take your opinion somewhere else? You didn't even give me any feedback or anything, you just made fun of my game. What a clown we have here. I have some advice for you, dumbass. If you want to express your opinion, do it with some grace and respect, or even put actually helpful criticism. What you did was being a fucking jerk, so why don't you actually learn what being helpful is. Go fuck off dumbass.

KeenanBusch (6)

@Snowytrack Well I’m sorry for how rude I was on commenting on your game. Yes, it was interesting, but to me, it was kind of boring. Is that good enough?

Vandesm14 (2438)

@Snowytrack @KeenanBusch Please do not use profane/offensive language on repl.it.

KeenanBusch (6)

@Vandesm14 I didn’t mean to and if I did, I deleted them and no @Snowytrack, I’m not sucking up to anyone.