Bookie0 (3694)

Hello everyone who stumbles on this post!

I was digging through my repls organizing everything into files, when I cam upon a project @DamienKilduff and I made together.

It is a text based aventure game.

Before you run it, please bear in mind that it was made a long time ago, when we were both not very good at Python. The code is very messy, and hard to read.

So i know this project isn’t that good, but feel free to try it

And upvote it if you do like it

Comment, and give tips, but since this project is kind of discontinued, we wont really be applying new changes!

Have a great day! 😊 😃 👍

Thanks for the 71 upvotes, even if this isn’t that good! XD
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techde (7)

When it asks me to fight or run away, I put run but then it gives me an error and same thing happens with fight

Bookie0 (3694)

Yeah it should be F or R with caps @techde

techde (7)

@Bookie0 I did do that, also do you want to work on the together real right now?

Bookie0 (3694)

Hey, sorry rn I’m occcupied so I can’t work with you but maybe another day @techde

techde (7)

@Bookie0 Ok, i figured out the game The keyboard I am using has a slightly fifferent font then the one you used.

Bookie0 (3694)

Cool so it works now? @techde