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The Wild West
DynamicSquid (3607)

The Wild West

I feel like @Highwayman would be pretty good at this for some reason...

Anyway, here's my new game, The Wild West! Warning: it's really hard!

You basically run around shooting bad guys. There's 11 rounds, with two BOSS rounds. Here's the rounds:

  1. Practice round. Super easy.
  2. Not too hard. But not too easy.
  3. Okay, getting harder...
  4. I'd be surprised if you guys pass this round
  5. Challenging...
  6. BOSS
  7. Lot's of enemies here
  8. Pretty easy actually
  9. Get ready...
  10. Oh you guys will love this round :)

You WIN!

If you make it all the way to round 11, send me a screenshot!


  • Tutorial
  • Starting upgrades
  • Smooth movement
  • Dust particle effects
  • Dynamic enemy movement
  • Random health bonus

Oh, and the enemy's might sometimes clump together and form death balls. I tried to add collision on the enemies, but it just didn't work out, so yeah. Please report any other bugs you find :)

So at the start of the game, you have three points that you can spend on upgrading your player. Chose wisely!

Then, you'll be taken to a short tutorial section. If you've played the game before, you can skip the tutorial, but I'd recommend playing it highly.

Then, once you've finished the tutorial, move on the the game! Fight your way through to round 11! And don't forget to collect the green triangles as they give you a health bonus! Good luck!

Enjoy :)

pieninja (5)

similar to another guy I got it on my first try. when you circle around them they just bunch up in one spot. I would recommend making that different.

Leroy01010 (373)

can you add multi-player?

DynamicSquid (3607)

@Leroy01010 no clue how lol. you need fullstack skills to do that. all I know is C++ and processing

LilWolfy (59)

Nice game :) It was AMAZING

LilWolfy (59)

hey @DynamicSquid can i ask you something?

LilWolfy (59)

@DynamicSquid just wondering, but what age did you start coding on repl?

DynamicSquid (3607)

@LilWolfy when did I join beginning of this year

LilWolfy (59)

@DynamicSquid btw thanks for the support in my first projects :)

qwertq (0)

bug: when you get shot on the edge of the screen, you get pushed out of the map and strange things happen.

zabuzatheashura (0)

Nothing happens when you run out of ammo

DynamicSquid (3607)

@zabuzatheashura if you run out of ammo you can't shoot

zabuzatheashura (0)

@DynamicSquid no as in the game doesnt end you are just alive and there running around not trying to get shot and taking the green health boost so you should try to end the game if the are out of ammo

DynamicSquid (3607)

@zabuzatheashura that's why you press space to reload lol

abdullahrajput9 (15)

The best game on I have seen soo far.
Amazing job @DynamicSquid

lthon09 (5)

also found out 2 bugs, one is i cant shoot or reload, second one is you can just stand at the walls and wait for them to shoot you (on website) to get in the restricted white areas

Gameknight2169 (3)

I just found a nice exploit... You can spam space while firing so that you reload during the firing cooldown. This basically gives you an infinite clip for as long as your thumb holds out.

codingmaster123 (8)

Nice game, I coudn't even pass level 0. That's how bad I am.

anuragvardhan (1)


You're amazing Nice Job

Duvangamer3845 (117)

hey you think to make a hstory to the game, im good creating stories,if you want i can create one to your game...

Duvangamer3845 (117)


JonahElias (144)

Tbh, the boss fights were the easiest parts

PXY (46)

Not gonna lie this is probably better than Wii Sports

WinstonWong (20)

Thank you. I'm right handed and some other people are too. I hope that answers your questions

DynamicSquid (3607)

@WinstonWong but I am right handed. I use my left hand for WASD, thumb for space, and right hand for mouse, just like how you're supposed to do it. if you use the arrow keys with your left hand, how'd you press space?

WinstonWong (20)

good game just can you please add arrow key controls

DynamicSquid (3607)

@WinstonWong I still don't get why people like you and @firefish want arrow keys...

but yeah I added arrow keys.

firefish (555)

@DynamicSquid Ok ;) (also I changed my name)

Aidan0626 (9)

so close

EDIT: I won!

legendrygamer (4)

great game but you could pass through levels easily if you just keep moving around the enemies great game overall

WernerPfennig (3)

So cool! It was really fun, thanks. (found out i suck at this stuff. wasted all my ammo."