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The Blaster!
Muffinlavania (1213)

This is basically like my Super Blaster, but this one belongs to @R16 !
A / Right Arrow: Move Right
D / Left Arrow: Move Left
Space Bar: Shoot

Play till you get hit be the enemy! Points and other things will be added soon!

R16 (4)

it is amazing!!!

Muffinlavania (1213)

@Leroy01010 Thanks! Also you seem to like these sort of things, do you want me to teach you how to make one of these?

Muffinlavania (1213)

@Leroy01010 ok here im sharing you into a repl right now!

Leroy01010 (359)

i'm busy at the moment i'll ping when i am ready @Muffinlavania

Muffinlavania (1213)

@Leroy01010 i cant code anymore till 4:30 in my time, right now its 1:22 in my time