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Survive the Forest - #BJGJ
mkhoi (265)

Latest updates:

  • 'The Rabbit' event is added, gives you 1-2 meat if you successfully catch the rabbit.
  • A couple of smaller changes.

You are the leader of a small group stuck in the middle of the forest. Can you lead them to freedom?

Gameplay is inspired by @DJWang's "The Dark Forest".

I will update this if i have time.

Thank you all for the appreciation :)

DJWang (1124)

Great job! This is phenominal!

mkhoi (265)

@DJWang Thanks for the appreciation :)

awesome10 (194)

Nice game! (i failed every time)

mkhoi (265)

@awesome10 Ok, i may reduce the difficulty a bit


SO HARD! How did you make this????

CapAlert (1)

How long did this project take to create?

lightningrock (47)

Super hard maybe make it a little less hard

DJWang (1124)

Talk about useless loot!

mkhoi (265)

@DJWang Well at least that's better than getting your crew sick lol xD

thenullified (143)

some feedback:
somehow negative health is possible. is this mean to be or is this a glitch?
using sys.stdout.write() and sys.stdout.flush() may make your interface more interesting
making a sequel would be nice

mkhoi (265)

@starblazer Thanks for the feedback!

  1. I may have fixed the problem with the negative stats.
  2. I think my current stuff is good enough, but thanks for the tip.
  3. I maybe will make a sequel, but who knows?
Name12 (50)

AMAZING, But hard. Which makes it very fun. my score is too low that I don't want to show it

SuperCoder100 (13)

I thought that there were a bunch of errors at first because of the red text xD. Cool game though!

SnakeSs (3)

When you input the item, does it have to be in capital? Cuz I got an error when writing ‘bread’

mkhoi (265)

@SnakeSs You have to write the exact name of the item like 'Bread' or 'Bandages'

Makutunga (9)


mkhoi (265)

@SixBeeps lol, this game is all about RNGs so yeah.

Name12 (50)

awsome!! keep on improving it of course!!

Endivine (1)

Haha! Difficult and really interesting game. I want to try make some kind of this game! It is awesome