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Simple Dice, but with graphics!
Muffinlavania (1213)

Welcome to Dice Simulator

This is just something that i worked on for a bit, kinda like my Survival game, but its simple.
It's just a dice!
Hit q to roll the dice!(Click into the turtle screen first) You should keep the two windows (Module and turtle screen) open at the same time, so i would drag the module screen so it completely covers the code!

Spitfier720 (19)

i didnt know i had to press q on the turtle screen instead of the module screen

Muffinlavania (1213)


Hit q to roll the dice!(Click into the turtle screen first
I said that, but yea you have to click on turtle screen

Spitfier720 (19)

@Muffinlavania i definitely needed to read that, thanks!

Spitfier720 (19)

@Muffinlavania its nothing, i pulled a careless and didn't read it

SkorpionKing (0)

Guys, I'm his friend and this by far is his best game:

Muffinlavania (1213)

@Blackout4344 thanks! Also your description says "Loves Games", so here are a few i have made
Tic Tac Toe
Survive the waves
Shoot the enemy thing :1st edition
Shoot the enemy thing: 2nd edition

And if you want to get rickrolled, click

Blackout4344 (30)

I might use this when my friends come over and instead of using a real dice I will just use this! 😊@Muffinlavania

Muffinlavania (1213)

@Blackout4344 cool! Also it actually looks better is you full screen the dice, get rid of the text at the bottom. In full screen the orange looks very nice for some reason!

DungeonMaster00 (130)

make the whole set (d4, d8, d10, d12, d20)

Muffinlavania (1213)

@DungeonMaster00 NO PLEASE geez imagine making 20 graphics from python with turtles... i have to make all the dots on each position

DungeonMaster00 (130)

@Muffinlavania we don't have dots on dice for d&d we have numbers

Muffinlavania (1213)

@DungeonMaster00 well i dont play dungeons and dragons

holylemonaple (1)

@Muffinlavania gandit hes right
you read that wrong

aadiJain1 (0)

That is Amazing!

There is a Great Graphics

aadiJain1 (0)

@Muffinlavania I want to ask a question please can you tell me that how can we do our level in repl

Muffinlavania (1213)

@aadiJain1 what do you mean? what level

JosephSanthosh (1182)

How did you like make the measurements for the dots and cube? iSN'T LIKE HARD

Muffinlavania (1213)

@JosephSanthosh The border EZ
The dots ......
actually it wasnt that hard for the dots, it was just kinda tedious, so the border is 200 by 200, with 0,0 as the middle. Basically when doing a dot, you want to be 5 up and 5 to the left of where you want your dot to be, like for one, i wanted it to be 0,0 so i did -5,5. Oh by the way this is with this little dot maker

for i in range(4):
tankerguy1917 (21)

this is so cool. no more need for small dice during a DnD campaign, but, i mean,i'll use this and real dice too.