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Repl Customs! (v2)
IreTheKID (274)

Repl Customs!!! (v2)

Hey all! 👋 I'm back with Repl-Customs to announce the second version's release! Hooray! 🎉🎉 It's been a fun experience to make this, and there's still so much more to come in the next versions and releases. Thanks to everyone who upvoted the last post and helped work on the project, whether through GitHub or directly in the Repl.

What's new in Repl-Customs? 🤔

There's a lot more to do in Repl-Customs and a lot of things that were broken before are no longer broken. sarcastic applause 👏👏 Take a look at the DevLog!


  • Added post search functionality
  • Added Server Caching for faster load times
  • UI Overhaul in the tools list
  • Added leader board functionality
  • Reworked exception handling for comments and posts
  • Added 404 error for "Not Found" handling
  • Added Icon links to home

Bug Fixes & Patches

  • Reworked error logging, for more descriptive errors; now w/ timestamps
  • Patched "Get Results" bug that resulted in a deceptively smaller button
  • Reworked async functions for slightly faster loading times.

What's not new? 🤔

  • Retrieval of a user's recent comments still doesn't work. 😭
  • Loading times are still pretty long. (Some fixes are coming soon!)
  • No mobile support. (Sorry, but this isn't coming any time soon! :()


HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to Repl-Customs!! 😎😎😎 Y'all are a bunch of cool people! Sorry, I don't have a better compliment.

Top Contributors (on GitHub)

With all that said, please enjoy Repl-Customs version 2!!!

FunnyLamma (82)

There are 2 pull request in github.

VulcanWM (1709)

Underneath where is says View Learderboard, it says thier instead their. Just saying.

tehackiejajajja (6)

also how did you make this understand flask

tehackiejajajja (6)

have you got any hacks you can maybe sell me, i just need them to turn off computers. thanks

AgastyaSandhuja (146)

better than ever!

Bookie0 (2605)

Also suggestion, maybe add a back-to-home button when you’re on the leaderboard, because I have to re-run the repl otherwise very nice work!

Bookie0 (2605)

The one on the tablet is me lol

ipastrano (238)

Amazing! But on the Leaderboard box(after you click gst started) there is a spelling error:

View the top users on ReplTalk and -vist- -thier- profiles. Sorted by cycles.

Sorry for being grammar police here, just wanted to point it out :)

syflexer (467)

yay i have been waiting for v2 i use the website all the time i am also super excited for reply talk stats

IreTheKID (274)

@syflexer hooray, thanks a bunch!