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Python with Turtle: tic tac toe!
SeamusDonahue (70)

Ever wanted to use python with turtle to play tic tac toe? no?

too bad. I made it anyway

just click in the board to go, all regular three in a row combinations are possible.

Have fun.

VMTU (35)

Hi, Nice work! Can you work on with me right now to make a game?

Your on graphics, etc
Im on development?

Decline or accept?

SeamusDonahue (70)

what game is it, also know I have school so I won't always be available. I just want to know what I'm "Signing up" for. (I put it in quotes because ik I'm not actually signing anything) @VMTU

VMTU (35)

@SeamusDonahue I dont know, Maybe a space invaders type game? I dont know turtle but am really good with python, so i just need some help.

SeamusDonahue (70)

I could attempt to help, I've never done anything like space invaders but I'm willing to give it my best shot. @VMTU