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Python with Turtle: Paper Tanks
SeamusDonahue (70)

This is a game based on something I used to play in middle school.

On paper, you would each draw 4-6 tanks (depending on the paper's size), and to fire at other tanks you poke a dot through your side, fold the paper over and draw through the whole to see if you hit!

I rebuilt this game in python with turtle! instead of flipping the paper, I flip the y value of the shot! I know the game is not very polished but it works!

thanks if you vote this/player it!
feel free to give any feedback you have!

SeamusDonahue (70)

nobody paid attention to this... I was gonna post a version with ai but I guess it will just sit in my repls...

thewaydu (12)

@SeamusDonahue, it was good, ps, can you read the message i put in the repl, it says how to add me as a collab to the Repostory.

SeamusDonahue (70)

I think I did it already. I just needed to search the menus. @thewaydu