ZealousOS v3.0.0 (The Color/Bash Command/Everything Update)
Crcoli7307 (26)


Our Team

@Crcoli7307 (Founder)
@BenjaminOBrien (Lead/Head Developer)


First Off, most credit goes to @BenjaminOBrien for creating the code, I just change the name/branding stuff on it because @BenjaminOBrien had it named a copyrighted name (LiteOS). But now we have another developer to create better content.

What we've changed.

We really didn't change much except for the fact that we deleted the old version and made a new one from scratch. (Detect my sarcasm) Now it has:

  • A full-colored command line.
  • A bash-looking command line.
  • A new boot screen
  • A new everything

What we haven't changed.

  • Nothing

And that's about it.

Please leave your comments and suggestions down below!

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