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Oblivion Shop Engine v1.0
BryenLackey (8)

Tech Demo for a shop in Oblivion (

BryenLackey (8)

@Bookie0 Do you have places where I should put the shop?

BryenLackey (8)

@BryenLackey I defined it as a function so I could do that.

Bookie0 (3930)

Maybe after each time the user earns crouges @BryenLackey

BryenLackey (8)

@Bookie0 OK, I will see what I can do. First, though, I am going to try and organize your code a bit so that we can read it better. Right now I am making a flowchart of the choices to help me see where the ends are so we can fix it. i.e. how the game just stops after you press 2 on the mountain