Dog/Health Game
PYer (3460)

I had a competition with another coder @sojs to who could create a game quickest. You had to simulate a dog, that would lose health multiple times as a loop iterates. The game would have to make the user feed it to increase the health of the dog, whereas the dog would lose health. If the dog's health fell under 50, you would earn food, that you could then feed the dog with. But, if the dog's health falls under 50%, there is a 1/4 chance that the dog will die. The point is to keep it alive as long as possible. I was bored so I also created a bot for the game, which I heard got a score of 183. My personal high score is 76 (now).
- Keep coding and stay safe!
PS: Comment your highscores if you want to!

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JackLIM1 (1)

My bot got 143 and I played it 1000 times lol

PYer (3460)

Nice! That's higher than I've every seen! @JackLIM1