Getting a sound... From an image.
eekboi (272)

Make sure to read the full post before pointing out errors please.

Hey! I've made this trash for you all to enjoy. This was made using @minx28's circle API. Make sure to change the seed in! This repl is a dummy for a concept of mine that I call "Wide coding". This concept is basically a way of keeping your code as bloated as possible just for the effect, hence why I have like 12 files. If you have any questions/problems go ahead and ask me in the comments!
Some things you have to do to get this piece of crap working right are first, running the repl for a second time. And then deleting the contents of every second time you've ran the repl. Sorry I couldn't make it simpler, just the way it works.
We now have 445/1000 lines of code!
EDIT: Due to multiple people pointing out an issue which I had underestimated (looking at you @ZDev1, @CodingCactus, @abaanasim98, @JosephSanthosh, and @EthanCulp) I've decided to make a fix, courtesy of CodingCactus. You'll see changes in my repl about now.

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minx28 (356)

Looks pretty noice, however-
1. If you want a default image you should remove premodifiers and postmodifiers completely from the API request
2. You don't need to save the image then reopen it. Just replace the img on line 25 with im, and delete lines 27 and 31. Unless, of course, you want to see the image you were working with - in which case, leave line 27, but you still don't need line 31.