Online Note Taking App with full markdown and HTML support
MarcusWeinberger (585)

A simple, clean, notepad in your browser! Full markdown support with instant rendering, side by side. Create multiple notes!

I need to fix the mobile view for the notes page but the demo page should be fine

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MarcusWeinberger (585)

@Lethdev2019 Pretty cool, but I've also added some new features to mine ;)

It looks very cool though and I like the theme, I still need to get around to adding a dark theme to mine. But test out the embedded JavaScript feature on mine. You can put {{ js|document.cookie }}, for example, and it'll turn it into <span id='some-uuid'></span><script>document.getElementById('some-uuid').innerHTML = eval('document.cookie')</script>, and you can do {{ date }} which will get replaced with the current date at the time