Clicky Clicks Beta
syflexer (467)

I have finally gotten my clicker game to a point where it is playable please play my game and give me feedback on what to improve and also leave a comment if you find an error. Also, graphics will be updated later thanks for playing Edit: everything starts at 50 for the cost and multiply's by 2 if you don't know the price after you buy it there will be a number in the consol that's your price

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Axrevyn (273)

It would be great if the price changed automatically instead of making me do the game, though

syflexer (467)

@Axrevyn I could make it do that initially though i was to lazy so it should print out the price inside the console

syflexer (467)

@Axrevyn in fact I just updated it it should now display the prices on the button but i think there might be some screwy stuff with the decimals i am going to fix