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Internet Speed Test
UniqueOstrich18 (307)

This program can test how fast your internet download speed is. It downloads 10 MB files, measures the time it take to download them, gets the average, and converts it to Mb/s.

thecreeper2007 (5)

FYI: this would measure's server's internet speed, because it's running in their servers.

UniqueOstrich18 (307)

@thecreeper2007 I know. You would have to run the program on your own pc to get results for your network.

ChezCoder (1580)

i made one a few days ago and now i just feel dumb. :(

JackLogan2 (12)

I added this code to measure if the speed was below or above average:
if mbs < 64.17:
print("Below Average")
elif mbs > 64.17:
print("Above Average")

kingretracted (29)

seems pretty actuate
with my 0mbps download.

UniqueOstrich18 (307)

@RohilPatel Yes, but its not the fastest. Also, I want to clarify that to test your OWN INTERNET, you will have to run the program on your own computer.