G.O.O.S.E (100 Cycles Special) :)
DannyIsCoding (662)

I want to thank all of you for helping me reach 100 cycles!
For reaching this milestone I made this game.

Thanks @CodingCactus for helping me so the number doesn't have repetitive digits.


All suggestions are welcome :)

Thank you all. I'm on trending :D YAY!

Check out the Goose Encyclopedia, a website dedicated to geese:

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Axrevyn (220)

I looked through the other comments - a harder difficulty with 5 digits would be a great addition, because once you get a technique, you can win in <10 tries.

CodingCactus (3012)

@Axrevyn it was actually pretty hard with 5 digits, fork the repl (change it to 5 digits) and you'll see (unless i'm just bad and 5 was only hard for me)