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Hello!! I finally finished my game; The War v1.0!!
ZacPlayz (64)

Phew!! After so much work on it I'm finally finished with the first version of my game, The War. PLEASE tell me if you like it and what I need add for version two!! :D ALSO a bonus; look in the text in the beginning of the code to get the best route in the game celebrating my longest code EVER... :D THANKS!!!

P.S. please guys wait a like 30 seconds for the code to load; The size of this game is 1 megabyte, which for code is huge. Also look in the files; there's gonna be a pic of my game, WW3. :D Also Zefire is gonna be in V2.0 or V3.0!!

If you like this game, please vote up! I want more people to know about this game so that I can get more opinions! Thanks!

Name12 (133)

very cool. and I see that you allowed @VUlcanWM to put this game o his website?? overall, great game!! keep it up!!

VulcanWM (2177)

Why was there a cap on the u? @Name12

Name12 (133)

@VulcanWM sorry
that was an accident

VulcanWM (2177)

That's fine. Was just asking @Name12

08KINPLIX (76)

I now how to make a screen in java

ZacPlayz (64)

System.out.println(""); I guess...? XD
or just make a letter roll method, in here its called RollText("");