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viperx (40)

This is my first game in! So, in this game, you will have to hack people's account, a guide will help you code.


Cool game!
Do you know??? the code that we write in this repl it will be a language!
i mean... we made a lot of languages for fun, and you can make your own with this!

Wilke000 (485)

You shoundn't be saying your age online @viperx... just sayin

RohilPatel (1216)

Very good job, this has some potential!

RohilPatel (1216)

Because you actually put good effort in this! Gj! @viperx

CodeSalvageON (574)

This has some cool potential!
Try connecting it to a PHP server and uploading data to it via curl. Nice job!

viperx (40)

@CodeSalvageON can you help me do that?

CodeSalvageON (574)

@viperx yes!

os.system('curl -d 'name=admin&hacks=12'')

PHP Side:

$file = fopen('data.txt', 'a+');
fwrite($file, $_POST['name'].$_POST['hacks']);
viperx (40)

@CodeSalvageON do you have whatsapp or discord because i dont understand that, if you dont want to, its fine, i dont want to waste your time.

Name12 (133)

very nice!
just don't do this in real life

techgeek680 (70)

wow. i got 10/10! The teachers think im cool, all is well...

MarblesAndMore (54)

This was really cool, please do a part two



HahaYes (1219)

putting your own age online isn't safe ppls

syflexer (467)

this is cool i would have waited a bit to post this so that you could enter for bramjam

syflexer (467)

@viperx is the newest game compitition that the person who programs the best game wins

CoderBoy930 (2)

Try a 'pass' function if someone wants to quit. Other then that, it was great!

JackLIM1 (1)

GOOD JOB! This is great. Although it's a bit too easy.