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File Nuker C++
TehEpicCoder (7)

For April Fools, destroy your friends files! Clone the repo and run!
NOTICE: DO NOT TAMPER WITH THE NUMBERS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, TAMPERING MAY CAUSE A BSOD DEPENDING ON YOUR RAM. You have been warned. Type in NukeDemo.txt and look into the files folder and look at the result! Other versions exist on my account. Original Github Repo

ike_fite (8)

What does this actually do and will it literally destroy your computer?

StudentFires (327)

Those “numbers” you didn’t know how to tamper with, I tampered with:, It’s far more readable now.

The code made literally no sense, after heavily debugging your code I realized that most of it was useless. the for loop should’ve just contained the file >> file_text, the rest of it happened when the loop ended.

Btw, this ate up a full Gigabyte of my Repl storage, luckily I’m on the Hacker plan.
By targeting non-existent files, it required memory.

LiamDonohue (278)

uh i um um um um um um nuked um um um um um the um um um um um c++ um um um um um um file

StudentFires (327)

I crashed when using const auto nuke_text = std::string(2e9, ' ');, but it should effectively delete any file, that or system("rm "+userInput)

StudentFires (327)

I thought I knew how to destroy other people's reps, but I failed. If this worked this'd be pretty cool.

Tampering w/ the numbers, can't these be changed?

Convert if (i % 2030900 == 0) to if (!(i & 2030899))

rand() % 4 to rand() & 3

TehEpicCoder (7)

@StudentFires I menat tampering with the for statement, when I was messing around with the numbers, it lagged my potato laptop so much, it gave me a Memory ManagementBSOD

StudentFires (327)

@TehEpicCoder Oh, I'll update it anyways then, wish me luck!

maxyang (27)

i'm scared.. isn't this malware?

TehEpicCoder (7)

@maxyang It isn't. it just spams files with a text

GaneshaSharma (4)

It is. It's ransomware. @maxyang

ripull125 (2)

does it actually work??

EthanCulp2 (4)

Ummm, I am pretty sure this is malware, which I am pretty sure that is against tos

CodeLongAndPros (875)

@EthanCulp2 I don't think this is malware, it is more of a proof-of-concept.

DynamicSquid (1968)

I'm scared, I don't wanna run it