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CyanCoding's '90s Website
CyanCoding (1536)

A website that looks like it's from the '90s (aka it looks horrible 😀)!

NicholasMoon (4)

im on Mac and its not working?????

amasad (2373)

Oh my eyes, the blinking 😜

alexboreham8 (0)

imo thats more early 2000s than 90s

Luke25 (114)

NOoo don't pass me :( Good job tho!

haya (5)

OMG @microwither 😂: works with Netscape and Internet Explorer!

OssieSketch (0)

OMG Tis is amazing well done

lejovaar7 (1)

Disclaimer: works with Netscape and Internet Explorer. HAHAHA