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Conway's Game of Life (RIP)
amasad (2541)

The mathematical genius, John Conway, behind Conway's Game of Life just passed away. So I wrote this Conway's Game of Life in Basic as homage.

viraatvv (145)

hey, can you plz make a tutorial on Basic soon?


you made this language?

TheForArkLD (716)

This is Really


(But Please supports multiplayer in phone edition)

xolyon (337)

I used to have an app for this but I forget the name...

DynamicSquid (3608)

@amasad Oh, a quick question - why do you code in BASIC?

amasad (2541)

@DynamicSquid it's fun for these small things. Can you make it in nearly 40 lines of code in other languages?

DynamicSquid (3608)

@amasad That's a good point, I could maybe try in Processing, but it's going to be way over 40

DynamicSquid (3608)

This game is actually pretty fun once you plug in random values, but I heard that Conway actually hated this game. Maybe he had a feud with the creator?

sugarfi (522)

@DynamicSquid conway was the creator - he said he hated it because people always focused on this and not his other accomplishments.

sugarfi (522)

@DynamicSquid didn't realize that until after i posted the comment

Highwayman (1358)

O.o I remember this thing!! Cool!

SATA (2)

this is in powder toy. Cool BASIC program.

amasad (2541)

@SATA thank you! What's powder toy?

SATA (2)

@amasad its a simulation program that can do a bunch of things. Here's the link.


@SATA Hello, this is my other account. SATA is too crammed.

amasad (2541)

@HADRONZ looks interesting! thanks for sharing