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CodingCactus (3038)


Continuing down my journey of flasky stuff, here is a nice and simple url shortener/disguiser thingy.


Have fun, hasn't been tested much so please tell me about all the bugs there will be

Thanks, have a nice day

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JosephSanthosh (1192)

Can I ask you a really dumb question? How do you use the files thingy on the left. I've never used it before, like you can put an '.md' file but what others can you put?

Sry abt this btw!

CodingCactus (3038)

@JosephSanthosh erm you can put your files there

VivaanSa (29)

@JosephSanthosh you can put .htm, .html, .xht, .xhtml, .xml, .js, .md, .py, and a b u n c h m o r e