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#BJGJ Sea adventure
syflexer (467)

This is my submission from bramjam it based around a morale system where you have to keep your crew happy or they will leave you edit: also this is like the longest code i have written in a long time

thanks to @bookie0 and @TheMerDragon for doing some testing for me

DynamicSquid (2305)

but you still need to remind yourself your name

I'm not that stupid lol

But great game, I like the story!

Bookie0 (2854)

Thanks for mentioning me! : )

syflexer (467)

@Bookie0 your welcome its not like i don't give people the credit that's due

Cookiezz (65)

Also, I got the perfect ending. Yay!

eekboi (181)

Amazing game :) Ive rated it highly. May luck be with you. It was fun to judge this.

eekboi (181)

@syflexer Funnily enough this IS the highest rated one (from me) so nice job on that.

syflexer (467)

@eekboi thanks a bunch it means a lot this is one of my best games have the results come in

eekboi (181)

@syflexer Funnily enough, your game was the only one on topic that I had judged. Good job on that too.

syflexer (467)

@eekboi cool thanks i tried my best to be on topic

syflexer (467)

@eekboi have the results come in if so where i think everyone is confused considering this whole thing has been delayed so far

eekboi (181)

@syflexer Noone but I, Lily, Eco, Piero, and Bram have the results.

CarlosRosiles (106)

When it said you come across a kraken I thought it said you come across a Karen lol

syflexer (467)

@CarlosRosiles oof lol i will later add a thing that says you came across a wild karen

AbhayBhat (148)

you are a monster

syflexer (467)

@AbhayBhat oof at least you wearnt a lucky monster

Warhawk947 (510)

Yay I got the perfect ending :)