timmy_i_chen (1073)

Here's a fun little project that puts that old XKCD comic to test: Repeatedly navigating to the first non-parentheses non-italics link in a wikipedia article will eventually lead you to Philosophy. It starts at a random article (but you can totally choose its starting point by changing line 64.

When I hand-tested this myself many years ago when I should've been paying attention in school, it definitely worked. Sadly, it seems to no longer be the case - although now, it seems as though all articles eventually lead to Mathematics... which I suppose also works.


Link to original comic (hover over the image to see the alt-text):

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CyanCoding (1536)

Awesome! I also made my own version of this (it scrapes regular wiki pages though): https://repl.it/@CyanCoding/Wiki-Web-Scraper