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A simple idle game

This is something I did pretty quick and it's pretty simple, so if you want to post some feedback in the comments, that would be appreciated!

As I said, it's pretty simple, but for an eleven-year-old, it's pretty good!

Quick update:
I was going to add a patchnotes thing at the start that goes away, but I was cut short by the end of class. I'm currently on a different computer that doesnt have the clipboard saved or the original html, so I can't fix it right now.

RayvelArjoon (87)

If you take computer studies, computer science, or computer engineering, they teach you a lot of the cooler things you can do with programs. I suggest taking these courses through grade 10, as that's exactlly what I did. It makes creating your own programs and games easy. Those classes even helped me create my own version of "Asteroid". Your still pretty young, but you did a good job!

RayvelArjoon (87)

Add some sort of animation on the side for every time you click something.


@RayvelArjoon I was thinking of this, but my knowledge of Javascript/CSS isn't at the level that would be needed to have the animation.

Remember, I'm only eleven years old!

Smartystuff (2)

@nulll If you would want to animating a website. I would reccomend learning jquery

ThomasS1 (60)

Nice work!

I can relate... except for the chromebook bit sadly!! Impressive to make this so quickly though!



eevee444 (18)

This is amazing!

Yuahde (48)

this really is amazing compared to all my works


@Yuahde Thank you!

Westofer (0)

@nulll wow that is very very good work
I hope I started when I was in school

axelduch (21)

Nice! You might want to use something else than a button for money up, the enter key isn't disabled to get money without releasing it. Either that or catch keyCode 13 and cancel the event, but this way would require to modify some js



Either that or catch keyCode 13 and cancel the event...

Added that.
EDIT: Wait hold on I broke something.
EDIT: I'm tired and my brain won't let me think of how to fix it. If you want to fork it and send the link, that would be appreciated.

axelduch (21)


Just some ids mismatching/missing on the HTML side, being tired never helps!
Also, the problem hasn't disappeared regarding the "enter" key


@axelduch Thank you and I was able to prevent the enter key by using some jQuery (which I don't really like, but it was the only way I could find to prevent the keypress).

I'm actually starting to use jQuery a bit more.

SkillsPlays (4)

Game kind of plays itself after a minute of playtime, I recommend nerfing the upgrades by a lot.



I recommend nerfing the upgrades by a lot.

I upped the prices of the upgrades.

RobertFurr (46)

My friend is attempting an idle game, but it will be based on Universal Paperclips


i clicked it for 40 min until my teacher catched me


@EliseFale What didn't work?

EliseFale (0)

The Thing. But I tried it again and then it worked thnx though

firefish (510)

Ermm.... I tricked it, I'm rich. Paste

var i;
for (i = 0; i < 50000; i++) {

into the console and you are rich... (just some js that clicks the button 5000 times)


@johnstev111 That is a for() loop, but I usually just use

function spam() {;
setInterval(spam, 1);
firefish (510)

@nulll They both work, but they still DESTROY the game... another trick is just money = 9.9e+20;.

ckruger097 (0)

This reminds me of an old game that was popular when I was in high school called Cookie Clicker. Simple yet addicting. Good job.

hbelkin1ims (0)

when I try to upgrade my "money per click" it takes too long


@mewant_taco You can use auto clickers with basically every idle game.

JavasLava (5)

im 12 and I can't even begin to do this, Good Job!

kedwin919 (4)

it takes me so long to get $500 to upgrade....

DevTops (2)

Good job for an eleven year old! I working mainly the cromebooks at school too. I would suggest using css more, and getting better at layout. But still a great jon.


@DevTops I decided to switch from custom CSS buttons to Bootstrap buttons.

ryansoccer38 (0)

Nvm figured it out


@ryansoccer38 What doesn't work?

MaddoxReynolds (0)

THis hard can you make easier


@MaddoxReynolds It's supposed to be hard.

SaptarshiHalder (43)

Open console and type

Then see the magic in the game. I love to crack codes.

OreOlad2 (1)

Could use an animated background.
Good though.


I just checked in on this after the weekend and holy mother of god I wasn't expecting this to get this big! Thank you so much!

And by the way, there isn't even a class in my school where you actually code (not block coding) in, so most of the knowledge that I have either comes from tutorials or self-learning.

PDanielY (1091)

javascript: money = 1000000000000000000000000000000;


I was going to use jquery, but I just don't really like it.