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A little message to brighten up your day!
CodingKid2874 (35)

I was feeling a bit down when I remembered what someone told me when I got diagnosed with Lupus. It really brightened up my day and I thought, you know what, if this helped me it can probably help someone else too. Hope you enjoy-CodingKid2874

PS I'd never used turtle before so I had to look up how to do some things:)

ImVegetta777 (1)

Hey great code, it's kinda ironic, cause my mom got diagnosed with lupus like 2 weeks ago, it's a little hard to assimilate at first, but you know what everything has its bright side, and this dissease it can help to start improving healthy habits that we didn't had before. Isnt easy beING positive and happy most of the time but things like this make us grow up and make usbe stronger and add things to an amazing story of succes that you may have :D

CodingKid2874 (35)

@ImVegetta777 BEST wishes towards your mom may she be safe, happy and healthy, and true dat,"things like this make us grow up and make us be stronger and add things to an amazing story of success that you may have :D" PREACH!


I am already feel so happy

CodingKid2874 (35)

@Lizzie126 Yay! I'm glad I made someone smile!

DannyIsCoding (663)

This is really nice :D

thenullified (150)

this is nice
edit:(slaps upvote button after the second time watching)

CodingKid2874 (35)

@starblazer (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ:(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ:(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:thankyou!

stubaduble (13)

Can you please tell me where you learned how to use turtle and python
i am trying to make a poster with turtle, but i do not really know how to...

CodingKid2874 (35)

@stubaduble I'm new to coding as well, I learned everything I know from you tube. There are tons of tutorials. Once I feel like I know the very basics, then I start experimenting myself. Remember that even the best coders need a bit of help, don't be afraid to look something up! Hope this helps!!!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:

stubaduble (13)

Thanks, I will take that into mind, should have probably started on youtube! :)

codingcodercody (0)

Great code, you got creativity, keep it up! :)

studentAlfredAl (431)

Merci pour le message. Continuez votre bon travail! :)
( I just used google translate lol )

earwarmers (7)

@studentAlfredAl woah, google translate had the right grammar

studentAlfredAl (431)

Thanks for the message 😊 Keep up the good work :)