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500 Cycles - Thank you.
ChezCoder (1580)

Hello beautiful repl community! Welcome to my 500 cycles speech. I am not going to be posting anything (tbh, I never thought I was going to reach 500 cycles), so instead, I decided to write a few callouts!

  • @Giothecoder, my friend, thank you for supporting me throughout the course of replit and being my first (and only D:) friend. You where there when I needed you, thank you.
  • @Stealthhydra179, you probably won't see this but im going to call you out anyways, thank you for being there with me at school (yes we know eachother in real life), and helping me beat those annoying bugs.
  • @CodingCactus, I wan't to thank you for your support on replit. We don't really know eachother that well and have met a few times on posts and have maybe talk in a few conversations but your posts and jokes just made me happier in general.
  • @Bookie0, I just want to mention you because of your wonderful posts that inspired me to start the "Moral of the Story" series!
  • @Coder100, the coder god, I want to thank you for greeting me with open arms (not really) to the (now dead) surviv3 project, when I was still in my early days of repl.
  • @08KINPLIX, I want to thank you for also inspiring me to start the "Moral of the Story" series.
  • Lastly, I would like to thank the community for hosting such wonderful and free services for the community and the future generations of programmers. In the future, lots of the people here will be sitting in their offices and looking back to the site that helped them follow their dreams.

(PS, dont mind the repl bellow, I just needed a repl to post this)

Coder100 (12439)

Wow! Nice progress! Over time coding, you have really become a great coder! I am excited to see what you will make in the future :)

BobNeo (39)

You can leave the repl section blank lol

BobNeo (39)

Check out my question from like 3 hours ago, no repl. @ChezCoder

Bookie0 (4983)

Hey @ChezCoder , just wanted to say, I cam upon this post again, and I saw that you mentioned me, for my wonderful posts. May I just ask what post you found inspiring? I’m glad I helped you in your super animations!

Thanks! :)

Bookie0 (4983)

Ay I’m mentioned!

DannyIsCoding (690)

@ChezCoder I love your Moral of the Story animations!

CodingCactus (3190)

Hello! Well done for your milestone! Thanks for thanking me! Although I don't really do much lol


CodingCactus (3190)

Btw, my websites starting to look pretty decent now, thanks!

kbadrinath_tcsp (221)

Chez! congrats! also, is there a chance you could help me with a lil node js?

kbadrinath_tcsp (221)

alright, so i'm making a website with @CatKitty7 and they want some server related stuff. I built the server, just need ur nodejs knowledge to carry out the plan. i'll invite u to it. (invited u)@ChezCoder

08KINPLIX (77)

Hey @ChezCoder Instead of making our game engine lua do you want to make it java?