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2004 Scratch Website Recreated!
Ravens0606 (36)

This is a WORKING recreate of the 2004 Scratch Website! When you click on things it will bring you to the correct pages thanks to Internet Archive's Wayback Machine! Enjoy!


lol, scratch was lame back then

DynamicSquid (4392)

Oh that's neat! How'd you create this? Did you code all that yourself?

Ravens0606 (36)

Thank you! I coded most of it, but I did use some code of Wayback Machine just to make sure I got the mechanics right. It took about 3 days to code! @DynamicSquid

Ravens0606 (36)

Oh... could you tell me how to make a main repl site (for example; @DynamicSquid

Ravens0606 (36)

like... how do i make my site @DynamicSquid

Ravens0606 (36)

okay! i saw one before i thought thanks for tellin me! @DynamicSquid