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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
JonahElias (83)
[GAME] Little Brother Simulator
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a younger brother? Well, this game simulates the (made-up) negative experiences. About: The game u...
Snowytrack (65)
Bruteforce Password Guesser (I'm back)
After arduous nights and days wondering whether I should code another program, I'm back. ## Bruteforce Password Guesser! #### How it works: _______...
CatR3kd (65)
Clicker Test Game (For upcoming project)
# Small Clicker Game! Hey guys! Hope you like my little game! What should I add? Is anything broken? What would make it more fun? *P.S. I suck at nod...
ZDev1 (505)
A Markdown editor!
# Hello! I made a new Markdown Editor I used: * marked.js * jQuery I made a markdown blog with a database before some months, go check it out! If y...
AJDevelopment (37)
I was bored so I made a chatting website. Credit goes to ZDev1 for the tutorial. There's also a comment in the Node.JS code saying credit goes to ZDev...
JDOG787 (231)
Patatap Clone 🎶🎵
# Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. ~~Today~~ The last couple of days Ive been making this. It is a patatap clone! if you don't know what pat...
PDanielY (1073)
un block discord
# Introduction This is a very simple way to unblock discord that I created, it works most of the time. # How to use **Y...
VulcanWM (2128)
FRANK is a multi-purpose website, which includes a forum and a mailing service. After making a FRANK account, you can use it for all the things in the...
SharpCodeDev (22)
Coronavirus Tracker (Self-Updating) #FlattenTheCurve
This website automatically scrapes the most trusted coronavirus research websites and displays live information about world COVID-19 cases while updat...
Coder100 (6767)
[ CHALLENGE ] Flappy Bird
# Flappy Bird Challenge Can you make a flappy bird game in **10 minutes**? ## About I created this in VSCODE in 10 minutes (9:46)! I polished it up l...
rjlevy (316)
🚀 [GAME] Play SOLITAIRE!!! another awesome game! 🚀
This game is so addictive - it tests your speed, logic and skill - it’s a race against time…. I built this from scratch in 10 days using vanilla JS a...
ch1cken (22)
Windoge 10
Windows? Nawh. Windoge? Wow! Windoge 10! Super wow! This is a re-make of Windows 10. Made entirely with javascript & Woof.js. # USE IN NEW TAB & FULL...
YuvanVighnesh (22)
Calculator *Trigonometry Update*
I am open to feedback Next update: FEEDBACK UPDATE What should I add? What should I delete What else should I start working on? All ideas are open!
SeamusDonahue (18)
Rpg combat!!!
rpg combat by seamus donahue with the help of FunnyLamma I made a simple rpg combat system in python, the reason it says durability in the title is b...
adsarebbbad (110)
terrain generator (Processing)
its just a terrain generator. but a satisfying one. **_OPEN IN NEW TAB_**. and its slow because is slow
RyanGardiner1 (1)
Space Clicker (Orignial)
I made a clicker game where u click the button and u get points. Post your highscore in the comments, then i'll add u in
robowolf (36)
Mystery Game
With the sudden interest into mystery games *cough* among us *cough* ! made a four player mystery game. If you don't have three other people I would...
Coder100 (6767)
[ GAME ] Switcheroo
# Switcheroo Switcheroo is a new puzzle game I made in VScode!! It's also my first game post in a long time... ## About I made this game using nothin...
Muffinlavania (1097)
All of my Games (Uno, Connect 4 and more!)
## Welcome to all of my games! ***I made this just to put all of my games in one project, so that you have access to them all in one go!*** >There is...
potatojs (768)
[GAME] survival game (the best game ever existed)
# hi hi # *[the story](* every one is dead :) ###### wich is nice by the way :D ### what happend so the U...
lightningrock (86)
Text Adventure!
Just this weekend, there was a hackathon, TTK. It was on 18/23 - 19/23. Here is my submission for it.
ThunderPython (3)
HELLO RELPERS!!!!!!!!!!!
I have some big announcement to make. I am starting with the relpers of the week. In this, there will be easy and tough python questions. There will a...
FeaturedSpace (12)
A Store in Python
Every answer has a question, so inversely, does every question have an answer? Perhaps not, but then again, is something really a question if it has n...
RohilPatel (1070)
Text Editor Like!!!! []
Hey guys Gen 2 is out. @Theboys619 and I made it, and it is a lot like # There is no upvote system tho, so yeah
PDanielY (1073)
Introducing Replpedia
# Replpedia Introduction A while ago I was browsing through my old websites and I found replpedia. It was a project I created that I forgot about for...
fuzzyastrocat (276)
[GAME] Shot in the Dark — A fun puzzle game with a warm glow aesthetic! 🔥
*Adventure through dimly lit passages with only a few glowing torches to help guide you on your way. Encounter shifting walls, tricky puzzles, and my...
AlexanderTarn (241)
Atom Builder
Atom Builder is a project from 2 coders and a chemist Create your own atoms with this project Make sure to read the instructions Please enjoy Also...
DynamicSquid (3245)
4 languages that can kill themselves
4 files, each with a different language. Each file will call the next file, and then commit die. Like this: ``` **main.cpp** run kill itself...
EthanHorowitz (78)
I've been off of repl for a while :( but I just got back on and immediately went to see what the new weekly was. I was reminded of Java's BigInteger.n...
ironblockhd (343)
Comments in readme files and your website!
This allows you to add comment sections to markdown files and to your html pages, including basic moderation. Additionally, it can be downloaded. ![c...