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Tutorial on slow typing at random speed!
HerculukeZeEpic (190)

Thank you @mrstack for helping me with this code!

LoganSpong (45)

Really funny idea.

Ray28 (1)

Fantastic, really good but you can take input from user too and make it better.

HerculukeZeEpic (190)

@Ray28 Yes, I will take all suggestions and pick a few to add!

HerculukeZeEpic (190)

@DannyIsCoding I am srry for pinging you all of my new posts...

HerculukeZeEpic (190)

I am sorry for pinging the people who came here off of my comments, I have already gotten two warnings, so I read all of the rules.
I am not going to be posting for awhile...

HerculukeZeEpic (190)

Thanks for 90 cycles, sorry about begging for them....
I hope this makes up for it!