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ch1cken (22)
Woof.js tutorial
# Introduction Who knows JS? Probably you. Who knows Jquery? Probably you. Who knows what's better than Jquery, p5.js, or some other random javascript...
Whirlpool (22)
How to hack Google dinogame!
# Hack Google Dino Game! ## ------- # Step 1: ## Open chrome and start dino game: just goto chrome and type "chrome://dino" and the dino game will st...
ZDev1 (505)
# Hi, this is a tutorial about how to build a chat app ###### here is it @Leroy01010 Let's start *** # 1. Libraries We need `` to make a co...
CodeLongAndPros (1291)
How to create a program [ Beginner ]
# Hello, I'm back! (If I ever left?) I'm also going to use a naming convention now. [Beginner] assumes only basic knowledge in the target language. [...
DangHoang2 (41)
How to make a simple Electron app!
# What's up devs Today, I will show you how to make a __simple__ desktop app but using web technologies with Electron framework! :) ## What's Electr...
Bookie0 (3667)
Python Essentials Made EZ! 🐍
# Hîïíīįì everyone! Hope y'all are doing great! School is starting real soon, so I hope ~~you have been studying to get ready~~ you are enjoying the...
fuzzyastrocat (276)
How to make a package manager (for a custom language!) — ALL PARTS
So — you built a custom language, and you're pretty satisfied with it. Now, where to go next? One apparent option is making a package manager for yo...
Kudos (29)
Postgresql on part #1 !
# Hello, welcome to my tutorial on Postgresql ## It will guide you through all of the setup and half of the actual code. ## At the end of this you wil...
AmazingMech2418 (846)
How To Make a Basic OS
# How To Make a Basic OS ## Introduction In this tutorial, I will not teach you how to make a bunch of if statements in Python or Node.js or Java, b...
userSM (177)
The most useful python modules for beginners
Not long ago, I was a beginner to python. I was eager to make games, but had a hard time finding how to create certain elements of the game, such as c...
Kudos (29)
Postgresql on part #2 !
# OK here goes part 2 So we ended on our last part of the tutorial ( in the middle of mak...
GaneshaSharma (7)
Create Linux Jail on Linux!
> It's not really a 'Jail'. It's supposed to be like "Windows Sandbox". If you are on Win10Home, you can do this in WSL. > I use Linux on my host. > I...
hg0428 (167)
Let's learn Aardvark
### Welcome to Aardvark, the language that has entranced programmers by its simplicity and amazingness for the last few days. My goal is to by the end...
DynamicSquid (3245)
Speeding up code with memoization
I was debating whether I should've named this: "*When you're a level 99 speed demon*" or "*Speeding up code with memoization*" Like the latter is...
CodeLongAndPros (1291)
What's a Linux?
# What is Linux? Today, I attempt to answer what Linux is, for Windows users. First of all, let's talk what (technologically) Linux is. Linux is th...
JustAWalrus (1124)
C++ FULL Begginners Course!
# C++ FULL Beginners Course. Hello, I am @Wuru and this is my C++ FULL Beginners Course. I know @HahaYes already did one but I wanted to do a more i...
Jakman (441)
Professional Python Antics
Ok since you guys seem to like python so much and every other language's tutorials die in new here is something for you braindead script kiddies. # C...
AstOwOlfo (177)
How to Code Minecraft Plugins!
# **How To Code a Minecraft Plugin** *** After many years of waiting, today I can officially announce that Minecraft Plugin Development has come to re...
ironblockhd (343)
How to reduce your node repls size by 99% with one line of code!
**do not use this in combination of the [hidden files tutorial](** ![IMG_2904](https...
Alice688 (26)
Python Basics Tutorial Part 2!
# Python Basics ***If you haven't seen Session 1, please check it out. Here is the link:
SpicedSpices (255)
BrainF Advanced Tutorial
BrainF*** is a very fun and intuitive language. Through only 8 simple characters, you can do almost anything a normal programming language can do. Thi...
fuzzyastrocat (276)
How to make a package manager (for a custom language!) — Part 2: The Command-Line Tool
This is part 2 of a series on how to build a package manager. If you haven't gone through part 1, check it out [here](
JustAWalrus (1124)
How a CPU works.
# How a CPU works. Hello. So recently I found out that most people involved or not with programming have no idea how a CPU works. This bothered me....
CodeLongAndPros (1291)
How to answer a question.
I’d not be writing this if I did not see good reason, and I’ve plenty. Repl ask, from my epoch (March 15), has been crumbling. People have been cyc...
Bookie0 (3667)
The Monty Hall Problem! 🐐 🚘
# Hiya everyone! Lets start with a dad joke because why not!  ![Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 7.30.41 PM](
HahaYes (1179)
computer science tutorials
# Yay Java Time + Computer Science Time ### Why I Made This Course Basically school's starting again. (Yay) That means schoolwork. I'll be taking AP C...
HahaYes (1179)
C++ Tutorial: Day 5!
# Day 5! Bugs/Typos Forgot semicolon. Thanks to @SpaceFire Please upvote to help dominate the tutorial section. # REMEMBER. ALL FUNCTIONS MUST END...
octopyBot (262)
How NOT To Ask A Question
hello all, I'm back with a guide and a problem to fix. # why I'm writing this. the reason I'm writing this is sort of a go-along to @CodeLongAndPros g...
userSM (177)
An addition guide to for newcomers
This was inspired by a [post]( by @octopyBot. But I am hoping to incorporate some things not cove...
Minikeyboard (14)
How to make DARKMODE option!
Hey guys! I just wanted to show and show a cool method you could use for DARK-MODE in your websites/codes! To start with open up a new project (If yo...