amasad (3024)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (482)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
JaydenSavarinat (12)
What is your favorite programming?
What is your favorite programming language and why? Happy coding!
zhaq6129 (36)
question abt videos
hi so um instead of editing together one big video because i dont feel like doing that and im on school chromebook is there a way to make the backgrou...
WilliamXing (0)
What does email already in use mean?
When I change my password, it asks me to enter my password. I enter it and it says email already in use. What does that mean?
bellabonura21 (12)
Vadik is creating a program where the user inputs their grade level and the program tells them which sports teams they are allowed to try out for: fre...
flyinbruh (0)
How can I get repl audio to work?
I'm already an explorer, I just cant figure out how to send the json data to tmp\audio and get it to run and play audio. A little help?
KorbinVanette (8)
How do i make a login/signup page
How do i make a login/signup page using html/css/js? I want to to save and accually use it on my website can someone teach me please
DrawWithPython (7)
Matplotlib output window looks different when running a Python repl with a .replit file
Hello, I have created a clone repl from a Github repo that was create from another repl (this is a sort of deployment process). The original repl wa...
OverlordNS (6)
My console size is very small (Urgent answer needed)
![Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 11.40.03 AM](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1610642448817_e76b01e4f44305dfd5355ade826707ce.png)
BrandonBailey3 (5)
barcode scanner
I was wanting to create a barcode scanner that gets a value from a 7 digit id number and searches for it and click attendance to the right of it, I do...
How to clear rows in python
Im new to the python coding language and I need help clearing rows. Im trying to clear rows because im testing a login/signup system in python.
bellabonura21 (12)
Nancy is creating a website that will randomly assign the user to a book recommendation. Which function should be used to randomly choose numbers? inp...
2plus2is4hoi (17)
trying to append a list in another file (all the state lists) and their counties. Using the functions: -verified -read_county_data i am reading and in...
AnimeWebCreator (1)
Please read or help
hi. i was wondering if you could help me with a game. my friend got covid and i want to cheer him up. Thanks!
GoldenFox5313 (2)
How do you add a password to a room
Hey! I'm learning how to make a chat app, and I want to add passwords to rooms. Can someone help me with that? I think I've attached the project to th...
adsarebbbad (212)
How do i upload the content inside of a .zip file to a repl?
^^^ title says it all. whenever i try to upload the content inside of a zip file it uploads just the zip file, and not the content
xxpertHacker (649)
[Closed] How to handle an error after partially sending HTTP body?
Update: I'm going to attempt to prevent the errors at the source, instead of dealing with them once they've occurred. ___ I'm not sure the language...
TheImagin33r (27)
how can i select a random value from a list?
like if a list was like {"A","B","C"} how could i choose one at random
WilliamXing (0)
Can you fork everything
I want to use another account for repl. Can I transfer everything from 1 account to another account?
Bumblebee99 (0)
Im making a discord bot here on repl, but .env wont do the trick of hiding the token
ia13ru (28)
How to make a button change in tkinter
I am making a game. Unfortunately I cannot change the button without a bug. How do I do this simply?
Flyingcrabs (7)
templates/base.html django
so if you go and scroll down to </head> to bottom it is like i put it in a text file but i did not
Flyingcrabs (7)
in my static/css/style.css is not working
My style.css is not working It only changes the color
JacobMcPherson1 (22)
a question
How do I change the color of the title. I have tried a couple of different things but they didn't work I am also very new to html
ObiVibKenobi (119)
C++ Square Root
Hi! I am trying to make something with sqrt using `cmath` But, whenever it prints the result, it returns `-nan` I believe nan is not-a-number, but I...
Crosis (102)
Multiple Websocket Servers
I was wondering if there was a way to create new websocket servers using the same repl as I was trying to create private rooms and thought that a sepa...
bellabonura21 (12)
Help with this question pls asap
Adrienne is creating a program the shows the user how to do yoga. There will be ten poses shown in order when the user presses the start button. What...
How do you only clear a specific line of text in Python?
Hi, I know how to clear the whole screen. ```Python import os os.system('clear') ``` But how do you clear a specific line of text? Please answer soon...
BrandonBailey3 (5)
Syntax murder
Hi, I am currently running very low on the will to live right now because of syntax, can anyone help?
potatonoob (0)
is there any way i can recover lost files?
an entire repl (multiplayer) which i was coding in has just disappeared. it was not on my account though is there any way the repl.it team can help m...
Pankak (46)
Destructuring in C
I was wondering if destructuring is possible in C. Here's an example in pseudocode of what I'm thinking of: ```c void func({ int foo; int foo2; }...