amasad (2739)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (474)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
Jadenoreen (0)
My code does not is on the output please help me with this
# Notes included class Warrior: # Initialize a Warrior object with some default values def __init__(self, name='', hp=100, attack=1, defense...
Whippingdot (53)
AOC 2020
Hey, is it possible if anyone can share a C++ template for AOC 2020. I wanna use C++ but right now I am stuck with Python. If you ever have time pleas...
xxpertHacker (545)
Disconnecting pseudo-elements from their element? CSS expert help wanted!
I'm not asking how this can be done, since I know that it *can* be done. How can one disconnect a CSS pseudo-element from its actual element? By "di...
Kookiez (227)
Is it me or are there more spam posts than usual?
Is it me or are there more spam, low effort and off-topic posts than usual? There also seem to be more upvoting alts. Like on the hot section of ask,...
laraki (18)
do you like my code?
cool code for math class... super cool
jajajajajaja (10)
someone name songs that you want me to do in python as you can see in my other posts
i am taking ideas from people who want me to do songs for them in python look at my previous posts if you think i am worth your time in doing it for y...
JBYT27 (482)
[Resolved] Log in/Pickle Question
# Hello! ### This is one of my big projects, a youtube like program using python. I was making a *actual* login system using `pickle` module. but for...
Redhawk405 (2)
I want to build a multiplayer python game...but I can't! (Server Q's)
Is there a way to build a multiplayer game on repl.it with ONLY python? I see hosters like socket.io mentioned, but I don't have access to any of them...
Hellopersomns (0)
Any One Want To Code in C++ With Me For Fun???
yes or no im 12 if anyone dose not like younger people
ElanRodriguez3 (6)
can someone help me with this pls?
ErrorbotTHE2nd (1)
how Do you make a 404 redirect with express?
I have looked at many videos over the past day or 2, to find out make a 404 error page/ or any error page, how but everything I found, did not work!!...
xxpertHacker (545)
Ideas for a simple game involving moderate amount of math and visual updates?
I'm looking for a simple game that would be implemented using a moderate amount of low-level math that involves plenty of visual updates to make a tut...
JonDoeBeep (22)
PLease give me ideas to code. I have no ideas. Google has no ideas.
LiamDonohue (292)
Developers wanted for Programming Language
I promise this is the last time # Hi guys! I'm making a programming language named Iridium! ## It's basically me rebooting THAIL/Zoom for the last ti...
heavyduck (0)
what languages should i use?
im really new to coding, so i only know the fundaments to html (though im still a bit confused with that.) does anyone have any recommendations on whe...
Willywillycow (1)
How to break the whole while loop that in a for loop that the while loop contains in python?
Here is my question, is there a way to exit the whole thing without using a variable?
JonahElias (149)
How To Append To An Array c#
## I've been learning c# and I've been having trouble appending to an array. ``` // Creating the fruits array string[] fruits = {"Apples", "Bananas"...
Baconman321 (196)
Where to learn WASM
I would like to know any tutorials to WASM (lookin at you @xxpertHacker). Between tutorials posted here (and repls), and my own research, I would love...
BlakeLeee (7)
Why do upvote's matter?
I see so many people talking about them especially people telling others not to ask for them or recieve the dead penalty but I wan't to know what do t...
MocaCDeveloper (511)
Need ideas
Hi all! I am in search of ideas for my language "Bite"!. ## My ideas Built-in assembly references. Example: Lets say a user wants to set aside x am...
YuvanVighnesh (84)
Weird repl spam
not relating to coding, but since a lot of new posts that were copied and/or low effort were popping up. Just to be clear again- these are the rules...
CoolCoderSJ (13)
View Statistics
I’m sorry if I shouldn’t post feature requests here, but idk where to put them. Repl.it should provide view statistics, like how many people viewed yo...
Ekashrejaiswal (9)
I need some beginner and intermediate experience and knowledge PYTHON PROGRAMMERS to work with me!
Hello All. I am Ekansh Jaiswal also with my brother Shreyansh Jaiswal . I am a beginner in python Programming. I want someone who is a beginner or ave...
JBYT27 (482)
[Resolved] Profile Taggings
# Hello! ### I was just curious (i couldn't see this on the search talk, it was lagging so bad), what does the `content creator` do? ik that the `mode...
Hellopersomns (0)
Shhould i store Users in a File or a Object???
im making this for me and my friends in school so we can chat, im in 7th grade and really want to make this (the online chatting system is not develop...
LloydChittock (1)
Coders Wanted
Hi fellow programmers, Me and my team Expedition In PC's Deep have decided to try and code a chat/messaging system, somewhat similar to Google Hangou...
AJDevelopment (79)
Where do you put your curly brackets? (If you write in a language that uses them)
Do you use this: ```c int main() { sum(1, 1); } ``` *or* ```c int main() { sum(1, 1); } ``` I prefer the second. Which do you use?
Taiga123m (1)
Python(with turtle) questions.
I cant fill and can somebody give me a example. Also what does import random do? Also the def command and how do you make it repeat?
TsunamiOrSumth (341)
How to leave a team im admin in?
So, theres this very dead team, and when i click the 3 dots it shows 'delete', rather than 'leave, because i am an admin in the team. I tried going to...
westcott25 (2)
mad libs
give me requests and i will make a mad libs game for you