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where is my mistake pls tell iam having error in it
MuskaanDhasmana (1)

i wrote prices= {}

PattanAhmed (1103)

@MuskaanDhasmana Hi,
Check this updated version of your Repl...
I have changed it a little bit so that this error would not pop-up again...
Ya, That's it, Have Fun and Complete your Project

Hope this helps
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Coder100 (8489)

This is a tab:

"	"

This is a space:

" "

as you can see they are hard to tell apart.

Hi! So basically, your teacher is using tabs, while you are using spaces. Here's how to fix:
Hit Ctrl+F:

in the search, paste:


Then, click the triangle:

and inside the input, paste:


Basically what that did was convert all tabs to spaces.

Hopes this helps!

VulcanWM (2175)

The error is that the indent settings on the repl was tab, and you used spaces to indent that line, or the settings on the repl was spaces, and you used tab to indent that line. If your settings are tab, use tab to indent and unindent the line a few times, or if your settings are spaces, use spaces to indent and unindent the line a few times.

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