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ZombieHordeFight V.2
jimxin2595 (18)

A little game I made a while back. Could anyone help me improve it more?

PattanAhmed (1014)

@jimxin2595 Hi,
You can just keep an If Statement in the last For Loop which gives the output Cast your spell here: when the player enters a number that exceeded the limit given by you (I mean from 1-5 when the user inputs 6 or plus) it should throw the error called Please enter a number from 1 to 5!
I am sure you can do it.
And make sure to keep it up 🙂

Hope this helps
Please mark my answer if this helps

aruba (7)

jimxin, I forked a copy of your program, please play and see if any ideas are helpful.

kingcharles (3)

Mabye clear the screen so it doesnt get to messy? just to make it look better

Brooks2009 (2)

Otherwise it's really good! (~ ^ v ^ )~

Brooks2009 (2)

If you keep using Bolt, like I did, then you'll always win so fix it so that you can use Bolt only once or twice in a row.

Muffinlavania (1117)

well what do you want to be improved?

Leroy01010 (200)

wdym help improve?????

octopyBot (263)

this is super fun except 2 things: 1 health can be negative, so the horde never dies(technically, thats true) and I don't know how many tank minions I have, so you should have a health counter, a fight counter, and a turn counter. otherwise, its really fun.

jimxin2595 (18)

@sidThePlant I'm a noob so do you have any suggestions on how to implement a turn counter

octopyBot (263)

@jimxin2595 oh, that's easy you can just print "it's the hordes turn" when it is and "it's your turn" because I was really confused. also, get rid of the enter to continue thing. I kept typing my spell into it.

jimxin2595 (18)

@sidThePlant Oh I thought you meant like the number of turns

Coder100 (6994)

Hi! Here are some suggestions.

  • Add color
  • Add a typewriter effect
  • Add more enemies
  • Add more spells

Great start!

jimxin2595 (18)

@Coder100 There was a version with color and typewriter effects but somewhere along the line I must've accidentally deleted it

jimxin2595 (18)

@Coder100 don't worry, I'm working on an updated version that will have typewriter effects, but I'm not sure about color as to keep its text adventure charm.

InvisibleOne (254)

Cool, I would add colors