hey, random question
Axrevyn (265)

I noticed that a person can mark any comment as their answer in an ask post.

In that screenshot, I could have marked Coder100's comment as the answer, but why is there a check mark next to mine too? Is that intentional? Can someone really give themselves 5 cycles?

(Not that I'm actually going to do it)
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SixBeeps (3220)

Yeah, if you end up finding the answer on your own, you can mark your own comment as the answer. You won't get 5 cycles for it tho lol.
The reason why it's there is because if someone else searches for your problem in the future, they'll see that there's an answer, and can find it worth their time to look at the post.

wh0 (5)

alternate empirical answer: the confirmation thing will pop up but it won't work. no points and no accepted answer.