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Why isn't my code working?
TTyrtle (0)

I am making my own snake game and for some reason when I type this:
import turtle
import time
import random


wn = turtle.Screen()
wn.Title("Snake Game")
wn.setup(width=600, height=600)

It doesn't work. It says:

AttributeError: 'Screen' object has no attribute 'Title' on line 11

Could anybody help me figure out what is wrong?

OlauPla (154)

You have to use it like this:


Hope it helped! ((:

Coder100 (11137)

try using this language instead.

Also, if you think there is a mistake, feel free to report this to bugs. Thanks!

TTyrtle (0)

@Coder100 will the code I currently have still work for that language?

Coder100 (11137)

yes, it's the same language (python), just with different setup @TTyrtle

TTyrtle (0)

@Coder100 ok new problem. Whenever i run the code (the exact same code) it says:

 bash -c polygott-x11-vnc q && DISPLAY=:0 run-project
....Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 18, in <module>
File "/usr/lib/python3.8/", line 2776, in shape
raise TurtleGraphicsError("There is no shape named %s" % name)
turtle.TurtleGraphicsError: There is no shape named shape
exit status 1

I have used python before but never pygame

Coder100 (11137)

send repl,
ok, so a pygame repl actually works with turtle too, it's not strictly for pygame, it's just set up so things like pygame work. You could run a normal python script in it just fine because pygame is python. @TTyrtle

TTyrtle (0)

so you want me to jsut share that repl with you? ok

Coder100 (11137)

ok, there was no shape called shape lol, did you mean square? anyways its mostly fixed now @TTyrtle

SixBeeps (3221)

title should be all lowercase

TTyrtle (0)

@SixBeeps it still has the same issue, but this time title is lowercase