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Why does REPL take so long to compile/run?
AddisonBrendtro (0)

I want to compile my golang program. When I run said program, it wants to download a bunch of stuff even though it's already installed. Note that I am using ebiten create graphical windows. Send help!

MocaCDeveloper (530)

Well, first off, we have to keep in mind that Repl runs a virtual machine.

Second, Repl usually re-installs each package being used. I have no clue why, it just does. Maybe for version checks on the packages?

Third, GoLang may be compiled, but believe me it is memory-heavy and kinda takes a whole to compile.

I'd probably not make too many Go projects on Repl otherwise you'll run out of the storage you have ALLOT quicker.

But yeah, Repl is a virtual machine and is not a local machine, which will cost a few things to run slower. And when it downloads packages that are already "downloaded" is probably because the virtual machine is checking package versions!

P.S: The package you're using could also have other packages included with it that need to be installed before it can perform correctly!

AddisonBrendtro (0)

@adsarebbbad What do you mean "feedback". (Sorry if I'm a noob I don't really use REPL apart from programming!)

EDIT: I think I fixed the bug. I simply imported the libraries using go get and.... It worked!

adsarebbbad (213)

its "feedback" where you can tell the replit team how to improve the website @AddisonBrendtro

MocaCDeveloper (530)

Lol. I mean he can, but this isn't really a is just the way Repl works(also, Go isn't really that fast and is memory-heavy)

I don't think there is really anything much to do to "improve" this.