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What is this?
RobertFurr (55)

I put this in and got a weird answer

ryanhcode (87)

Inf stands for Infinite I believe. Might have hit the number cap.

RobertFurr (55)

Sorry I haven't been able to reply to your comments. I had to take some end of the year tests but those are over with. Also here's the repl link:

katyadee (1223)

Hey there! You should post your repl. :)

ash15khng (694)

inf is just infinity, which means your output was very big. Seriously why are you messing around with your input so weirdly.

  1. That’s a screenshot. 2. You haven’t told us what you want the program to do. 3. Can I have the link? @RobertFurr
TheFlooBearer (7)

You might have found the value cap.. I don't know though.