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What is the problem in my game???
ZacPlayz (64)

I've worked so hard on this game... Why isn't it working?? Me and PalonST made this game in codinggrounds but its not running.... >:((
Who ever tells me first how to fix it gains 6 cycles; 5 for the answer and 1 for a like. Please guys tell mehhhh D: it says Parser error but what does that even mean??
Btw go to the JS section there is all da code.

Answered by NoelB33 (314) [earned 5 cycles]
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NoelB33 (314)

You have a syntax error somewhere, and the problem with JavaScript is you don’t exactly know where. I’d recommend looking back on the last edits you made and figuring out if you didn’t close something, or anything that would result in a syntax error.

ZacPlayz (64)

@NoelBryan You earned 6 cycles. Congrats!

NoelB33 (314)

Sorry for not being able to help much, but it’s over 7K lines, so yeah @ZacPlayz